Twisted by fate... Inka has been entertaining audiences with an illuminating smile and arresting energy since she was merely 3 years old. It was at the dawn of her 20’s she ran away to join the circus. Presently in her circus life, where the strangest things are just routine, Esquire Magazine dubbed her “Sexy and Deadly” after she set the Guinness World Record for “farthest arrow shot into a target using the feet” while doing a handstand!!

Most of her time upside down and backwards was spent with Mongolian Contortion Legend, Serchmaa Byamba and Master Xia Khemin with Nanjing Acrobatics. Recent summers visiting Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia ...she absorbed contortion aesthetics and training with the famous Enkhtsetseg Lodoi and XBud Roses.

Inka is currently performing with: Circus Automatic, The Golden Gate Dolls, and Capacitor